• Ecological tires
    Ecological tires

Ecological tires are future of automotive industry

Although it is difficult to imagine a green car tires, the producers are trying to cope with the  challenge. What are the effects and whether they really succeeded in creating a tire not harmful to nature?

Innovative tires are designed to provide not only the proper adhesion to the surface, but also to ensure ecological exploitation of the car. Also, the process of production must be environmentally friendly. How is that possible? First of all, during its production, are supposed to be emitted fewer toxic gases and chemical compounds used in the production of tire. Limited also has to be the amount of noise. Additionally, a longer course intend ensure that we will rarely change tires and thus they will be produced in a smaller amount, which is also environmentally friendly.

  Another feature of the tire will be less rolling resistance. This makes the reduction in fuel consumption. To achieve ecological effect, it was necessary to use appropriate production materials. These are mixtures of gums and selected composite braids replacing the standard made out of steel. Thus, green tires are lighter by 20-30% from the classic, and this reduces rolling resistance. It is difficult to determine the expected savings, but laboratory tests show that the exploitation of eco-tires will actually be cheaper than conventional tires.