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Oil will be cheaper

Information is surprising. It sounds absurd in the context of the current situation and all the forecasts. However, it is possible - in 10 years the production of synthetic crude oil will begin.

 Crude oil is classified as a non-renewable energy source. Its deposits were formed millions of years ago, and their origin is, according to the theory, organic or inorganic, but is dominated by the first version. According to it, scientists are confident that soon they can get the analogue of this substance from algae and carbon dioxide.

The production process takes place in huge tanks, in which are created conditions that simulate Earth’s environment from millions of years ago. This allows saying that the artificial oil will be built almost exactly the same way as natural. Only much faster. Organisms grown under production conditions can double their mass every approximately 20 hours. Additionally, they contain a few dozen, even 50% of the oil. It is interesting that during the production of such biofuels comes to CO2 binding, so the new technology can be of great importance in the release of our atmosphere from excess of carbon dioxide.

So far this sounds very optimistic. Finally, there is one more, for many of us the most important message - an artificially produced petroleum is likely to be much cheaper than natural. So all the predictions associated with oil peak may be misplaced. There will be no fuel deficit, and just the opposite - we will have more of it and its price will be lower.

The capacity of producing synthetic crude oil plants is so high that each country will be able to build a factory covering the full domestic demand for fuel. It all sounds like fantasy, but the technology is already being developed. Worldwide, few companies conduct advanced research on its implementation. Plants already operate. They only require fine-tuning before it will allow for mass production. The time required for their improvement is estimated at 5 to 10 years. So maybe in the next decade, we will say goodbye to the problem of oil deficit and CO2 pollution.